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Bespoke Commercial Pie Maker Equipment

Designed in New Zealand by engineers and passionate pie makers, our commercial pie maker equipment is proven to improve efficiencies, quality, safety, and productivity.

Mad about pies!

Pieline Systems was created by Phil Pollett (owner and founder of The Goodtime Pie Co.) together with his brother Brendon. Both are bakers and engineers with 45+ years’ experience in the pie making industry. Some say they are “mad about pies”.

Our family started baking pies in 1933 out of a small bakery in Wellington, New Zealand . In 1978 we set up The Goodtime Pie Co in Napier. The Goodtime Pie Co. is a leading pie brand in New Zealand making over 20 million pies a year.

We have always strived to develop commercial pie baking equipment that lifts productivity, improves quality,…

Ready to transform your pie bakery operations?

The Pieline System

The complete Pieline System has been developed over many years at The Goodtime Pie Co. so we know first-hand how it can transform pie making operations. We are in the final stages of installing the full Pieline System at our Christchurch pie making factory and will be launching this to the rest of the world very soon. So, stay tuned.

What's coming up:


A range of stand-alone pie making equipment that makes baking pies easier. Think equipment essentials such as moveable racks, pie pallets, pie trays. And our Semi-Automatic Depanner, which is available to purchase now.


A fully automated pie manufacturing system comprising eight task specific modules. The full system is capable of making 6000 pies per hour, dependant on your pastry and pie fillings. Installing the PIEMAX 6000 will help you achieve your ambitious growth goals, improve output, production efficiencies, and enhance staff health and safety. Suitable for larger pie manufacturers.

Coming soon!


Three key Piemax Modules that are the foundation for the PIEMAX 6000. Great for smaller pie manufacturers who want to kick start their automation journey.

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Five Piemax 6000 Modules that slot seamlessly into the Piemax Baseline, so you can continue to automate as you grow.

Coming soon!

Ready to transform your bakery operations?