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We are mad about pies!

Many of you in the New Zealand and Australian pie making game will know me (Phil Pollett) as the founder and owner of The Goodtime Pie Co. 

Our family started baking pies in 1933 out of a small bakery in Wellington, New Zealand and in 1978 my father and I set up The Goodtime Pie Co.

The Goodtime Pie Co. is a leading pie brand in New Zealand and make over 20 million pies a year. Kiwis love pies, they eat the most per head out of anywhere in the world, and we reckon this has helped us get a good handle on what makes a good pie.

I am still involved with The Goodtime Pie Co but have set up Pieline Systems with my brother Brendon. Both of us are bakers and engineers who some say are “mad about pies”.

What we have always strived to do is develop pie manufacturing equipment and machinery that lifts productivity, improves quality, efficiencies, staff safety and profitability, while still producing a pie that looks handmade.

We now want to give the opportunity to other pie manufacturers to get their hands on our designed and made in New Zealand pie manufacturing systems and equipment that we have developed and used over the last 45 + years running The Goodtime Pie Co.

We have big plans for Pieline Systems and over the coming months we will be launching an amazing range of pie baking machines and equipment.

Us piemakers need
to stick together

We understand that there are lots of challenges in running a successful pie manufacturing business.

  1. First and foremost you have to make a great pie - as we say “It’s all about the pie”.

  2. Then you need to manage growth and increase output without adding staff.

  3. At the same time ensuring the Health and Safety of your staff.

  4. And keep the bean counters happy by managing the investment in equipment to achieve a good ROI.

That is why we will work with you to sort out what is suited to your specific operational situation and pie format prior to selling you, our pie manufacturing equipment.

Doing things Differently

"We love interacting with fellow pie makers, wherever they are in the world, and get a kick out of helping others in the industry."

What drives us

  • Always doing the right thing for our customers by uncovering your needs and providing solutions that meet these.

  • We love building long term partnerships helping you grow, improve your processes and make awesome pies.

So, if you are an ambitious pie maker who wants to improve productivity, we would love to talk to you wherever you are in the world. Just email us at

Phil Pollett
Director, Baker & Engineer

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